At Lock-Nes Monstars we instill hope to go along with the hard work that children are putting in to be better at the sport of their choice. Every person who is trained at Lock-Nes MonSTARS will get better but depending on how hard they are willing to work will dictate how much better they get. The success isnt achieved by the accolades a child earns during and after their respective seasons. The success comes from working hard, giving all they have while training and above everything else never quiting. The easiest thing to do when times get hard is to quit, and this isnt just a sports lesson but a life lesson. Through hard work and tough training you learn to persevere and this is where true success lies!!!! At Lock-Nes MonSTARS we plant seeds, help them grow, and pull them from the ground for the world to enjoy!!! Now thats Success!!!!!