Lock-Nes MonSTARS Athletic Training Company

Youth Athletic training design to enhance your childs athletic abilities.
Let me bring the beast out!!!

Dont hold your athlete back, bring them to us we will let them loose on the youth sports world!!!

Youth athletic training for children ages 6 - 19 design
to enhance athletic abilities

What I do?

I train athletes to be the stars of tomorrow that they envision themselves becoming today.

Welcome to Lock-Nes MonSTARS Athletic Training Company where I train your child to be the supreme athlete of tomorrow in their respective sport that they envision themselves becoming today. I develop young athletes to perform in there sport of choice while building there confidence and natural ability through high impact athletic training.

We train children ages 6-19 to develop their physical skills in order to enhance their athletic abilities. At Lock-Nes Monstars all athletes are trained to perform at a high level in the sport of their choice to operate as a contributor, a standout, and/or a dominant player. As a former head football coach I understand that athletes that train hard produce in their sport of choice. An athlete that trains wants to be special, and through these trainings an average athlete becomes a great athlete!!!

At Lock-Nes MonSTARS we grow from year to year with are athletes, we train specific movements for the sport of your son or daughters choice of competition. For 13 years I have been training elementary school through high school Football players, Basketball Players, Baseball/Softball players, Track and field sprinters, and many other athletes who wanted to play a sport and wanted to be better at it. I stay current with the latest and most effective trainings to give your child the competive edge they desiree. We are proficient in teaching the needed ranges of motions necessary for various sports that children play as well as a ongoing commitment to flexability to minimize injury. We use equipment necessary from Bands, weights, boxes, speed shoots, and agilty equipment and other required atheletic tools needed to teach your child to run faster, Jump Higher and move quicker.

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